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How To Meditate Properly – Secrets of the Yogi!

Everyone knows that meditation is one of the oldest religious and self help practices, practiced by everyone from athletes and business men, to psychologists and psychotherapists, to spiritualists and religious traditions. Why is that?

Because meditation is the best way to center yourself and elevate your state of being, and recalibrate and empower oneself in any variety of ways. It is simply the best thing you can do for any form of personal development, be it physical, mental, spiritual, or just about success! But so many people have a misconception about meditation and what it is.  Many think meditation is simply sitting and thinking of nothing, but this is not the truth.  And many more people have taken meditation classes that are actually just guided meditations and do not teach them the skill of how to meditate on their own.  This is because like most therapists, most meditation teachers just want you to keep coming back to the classes.


However luckily for you I am actually a Yogi and know some little known meditation secrets that most meditation teachers will not teach.  And I am going to teach you exactly how to meditate the easy and effective way here in this Chapter.  So here are some REAL meditation tips and techniques that I have learned over my decade and a half of study and practice of it, as an athlete, hypnotist, psychoanalyst, personal developer, soul searcher, visionary, and spiritual practitioner of many traditions. I have a great understanding of meditation in both an eastern and western view, by modern and ancient sciences. There are many things people do not understand about meditation, and many things come into play.


Meditation Procedure:

1.)  Sit on a pillow with legs crossed, one foot on top of one opposite thigh (this is called half lotus), if you cant do that just sit cross legged, or you can sit in a chair

2.) Make sure your lower back is relaxed slightly out

3.) Make sure your upper back is in, with shoulders rolled back and chest out

4.) Tuck your chin in to straighten your neck a little

5.) Have hands on knees with palms up

6.) Close eyes

7.) Relax

8.) Let your thoughts go of their own accord

9.) Do not try to think of nothing

10.) Breathe deep steady breaths

11.) Contemplate when you have something important to think about

12.) Let go of thoughts that are insignificant

13.) Center yourself and go deep within

14.) Meditate every day, like going to the bathroom, it doesn’t take long, but must be done daily!

15.) Don’t force it!

16.) Don’t try to meditate for too long, especially as a substitute for frequency

17.) Only meditate for a moment or so when you are a beginning, adding minutes gradually

Give those a try for a few weeks and see how you come along with your meditation. You will notice that it has a variety of benefits. From better health, problem solving, to a clear mind, a more insightful intellect, greater awareness, higher intelligence, inner peace, a better attitude, success and prosperity, spiritual enlightenment and “boons” and many more!

For more information on meditation, and how to practice it more formally, check out my upcoming meditation classes or email me for a personalized meditation program at info@truelifedevelopment.com



Image provided courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net


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