Top Secret Health Tips

Top Secret Health Tips that Doctors don’t want you to know!

-You dont have to get sick, the body is built to not get sick

-tobacco and alcohol are only unhealthy if they are un-natural.  Natural tobacco and alcohol products are actually very healthy in the right doses.

-Monosodium Glutamate and Aspartame are neuro-toxins and cause a wide variety of disorders and should be avoided at all costs!

-If your diet is more than half raw you will never get sick

-The Phrase “Natural and Artificial Flavors” are groups of chemicals that react with one another in ways that are very harmful to the body and make it sick.  (see John Trudeaus Book Natural Cures “They” Dont Want You To Know About for more information on this)

-meat that is not organic is highly toxic and harmful

-Herbal teas have a wide array of medicinal properties

-For perfect health the pH must be balanced, to improve your health raise your pH.

-take weekly saltwater baths with epsom salts and baking soda for detoxification, a large number of holistic healing effects, and an alkalinizing effect.

-Sugar is only unhealthy when it is “refined” (chemically broken down), Raw Sugar is actually very healthy and contains a lot of vitamins and minerals and wont raise your glucose levels anywhere near as much as white sugar.

-Stress and Negative influences will have adverse physical effects, always address root causes in the diet and lifestyle



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