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The Benefits of Using Incense Vs. Air Fresheners

Many people in this day use air fresheners when they wish to freshen up a space and make it smell good, and feel as though incense, because of the smoke, is not actually healthy.  However it is actually the other way around!

About Air Fresheners:

Air Fresheners use very strong toxic chemicals to mask the odors in the air.  They also have chemicals in them which harm your olfactory (smell) sense organ, thus making you unable to smell the bad odors.  And the chemicals that are used to make the pleasant smell are no less harmful, but are also toxic as well.  So while toxins are usually the cause of bad odors, when you use air fresheners you exponentially increase the toxicity in the air, and cause a toxic effect on your body that the original odor may not have even already had!

About Incense:

Incense is made with two primary ingredients.  The first one is charcoal.  The charcoal it is made with actually produces a smoke which absorbs the toxins in the air, bonding them and removing them from the air.  It even has been reported to reduce the free radicals (lost ionic particles) in the air, which cause cancer.  The other primary ingredient used in incense is essential oils.  These oils are all natural herbal and plant extracts which have numerous healing properties used in Aromatherapy.  So using incense is actually a form of Aromatherapy!  And while it eliminates the toxins and bad odors in the air and causes all natural pleasant odors, it actually is having a healing effect on your body, mind and spirit when you breathe it in!  Just see the list of essential oils I have listed in my blog to learn more about the healing effects of aromatherapy and the different properties of the various essential oils to learn more about which type of incense would be right for you!


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