True Life Spirituality – The Three Selves

In Pacific Island Culture the “self” is seen in a holistic manner, which is broken up into three different parts which exist both respectively and in harmony with one another.  This theory can greatly help one understand their personality and how they exist and function as human beings.  The three selves are divided up as follows:

The Basic Self or the Lower Self – The Body and all its biological functions, and the brain with all of its chemistry, the instinctual drives and the part of the subconscious responsible for them.  The part of you that is responsible for all pain and pleasure, disease and healing.  This is the baser part of you that acts in a purely emotional instinctual and sometimes animistic manner.  The inner child.  The part of you that is still just an animal and part of the animal kingdom.

The Conscious Self or The Middle Self – The mind and its consciousness, and the part of the subconscious that is responsible for more spiritual processes.  The baser part of you that is purely aware, logical, reasonable, neutral, and can be enlightened in some ways but can also be cold and calculating.

The Higher self – Your energy, the spirit itself, the part of your being and thought processes that is intellectual and or spiritual.  Many creative or artistic processes can be seen as coming from the higher self as well.

And while the three selves do have independent functions they are all co-dependent on one another.  Even the lower self and higher self have a special relationship with one another, and have processes in which the middle self is an intermediary, and also have functions that are independent of the middle self.  So if each of these selves is not healthy and functioning well in and of their own individual self, then ones entire holistic being will not be in harmony and can not be well. And if the harmony of the three selves is out of balance or any of the relationships between the three selves and their cooperative processes are not functioning properly then there will be imbalance in ones personality and life which will cause limitation or discord and disruption in ones lifestyle and affairs and prevent one from being their ideal true self and living the life of their dreams.  However if each self is healthy and functioning well, both individually and in co-operation with the other selves, then there will be balance and harmony in ones entire state of being and thus in ones life, and one will easily be able to live the life of their dreams.

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