The 5 Master Keys to Success

This is a break down of the 5 master keys to success, as taught in the “Master Key System”, which gave birth to the Law of Attraction, and is essential knowledge for anyone who wishes to succeed in any aspect of life!

1 – Speed of Implamentation – When you learn something, how long does it take you to implament the information in your daily practices?  For those who can easily learn something and put it into practice, they are going to succeed much more quickly than others who may have to keep reminding themselves to do what they had learned.

2 – Momentum – once you get the ball rolling and practicing something do you keep practicing it more and more so that it can not only become general practice but something that is second nature which you have mastered the practice of and are able to use more and more?  Those who procrastinate and find it hard to implament practices right away are not going to develop any sort of momentum with those practices.  However those who practice things with repetition not only get used to and master these practices quickly, but will be generating a snowball effect with their practices, which now have caused momentum propelling them foreward in their life.

3 – Willingness to step outside your comfort zone – Those who think inside of a closed box and are not interested in trying new things (as times change), are not going to succeed in life.  It is very important if you want success in life to be able to think outside of the box, and always be expanding your horizons.  The more knowledge and life experience you have the more power you have moving foreward in your life.  And the more willing you are to try new things the more opportunities you have available to you.  It is as simple as that.

4 – Self analysis – If you are unable to consider the fact that you may be doing anything wrong, then the things you do wrong will become serious obstacles in your path.  But if you are very self aware and are always analyzing yourself and the manner in which you function, you can constantly be improving upon weak areas.  Self awareness and self analysis are key to succeeding, otherwise your flaws and faults and weaknesses can very well cause you to fail.  However with self analysis you are able to be aware of such threats within yourself, and can easily turn weaknesses into strengths which will help you succeed instead of fail.

5 – Persistance – Anytimes you are trying to do anything, there is always a chance that you wont succeed.  Life is full of failure and rejection.  So in your pursuits you can either take that as the end of what you were trying to do, or you can take it as part of the process and keep trying. Those who let failure stop them do not succeed, because it is such a common occurrence, and should be an expected possibility whenever you are trying to do anything.  Only those who keep trying persistently through failures and rejections are able to succeed in their endeavors.


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