How we master learning behaviors

This is a delineation of how the mind learns and advances, based on the findings of the science of Neurolinguistic Programming.  This will serve as a model to show you how you can change your bad habits and limiting ways of doing things and create new change in your behaviors and mental state through an enhanced learning process.



There are 4 stages of the learning process which you can engage in more consciously and deliberately.  They are:


1)  Unconscious Incompetence:  This is when you are doing something poorly, wrong, or not at all, and do not realize it.  You have not yet learned the way to do something properly and attained the skill you need to have, and are unaware of any proper way of doing it, or any fault you may have in doing so.  This is where we all begin.

2) Conscious incompetence:  This is when you have realized that you do not know enough how to do something properly.  You have realized that you are doing something wrong or improperly (or not at all and need to), and hopefully wish to correct this faulty behavioral pattern.

3)  Conscious competence:  This is when you have made a conscious effort to adjust your behavioral pattern and gained control over the situation, learning the skills necessary to conduct yourself and whatever aspect of your life that was at play here properly so that you are doing things right, in a way that serves you well.

4)  Unconscious competence:  This is the final stage in which you no longer have to think about conducting whatever activity was at hand here properly and make a conscious effort to do so, but instead it has become an unconsciously ingrained behavior that is now second nature and part of your automated system of functioning as a human being.


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