Beta:  Normal Thought to panic.  The brain produces these in its normal waking states but excessive amounts can lead to great psychological distress.

When at their best, beta waves are associated with logical thinking, problem solving, and active external attention.  Beta is associated with increased blood flow and increased metabolism, and is an active state with higher levels of cognitive processing, complex thinking and decision making.  Beta waves helps us to consciously function in the world but we must also be able to master them so that they do not run wild and leave us at their mercy.  The strength of the beta wave signal is increased by anxiety and reduced by muscular activity.

Alpha:  Normally occurs when eyes are closed. Causes imagination and imagery.  Attention may jump from one thing to another.  Is the cause of daydreams and fantasy.  Alpha is the bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind.  Dreaming occurs in alpha waves, as do the experiences of meditation, and deep, profound insights.  When alpha is absent one looses ones connection to ones subconscious.  Some people can produce alpha easily just by closing their eyes, others find it very difficult to get into this meditative state, which is one of the goals of using the power of the mind as it is A very powerful wave.

Theta:  When you know you know something, and it is right there in the back of your mind but you just cannot put it into words, such as a worry/fear or something bothering you, or a word or bit of information you just cannot name.  Sometimes this information will be so profound, like déjà vu, like a spiritual awakening, or an exciting burst of creative insight.  Theta brainwaves can be thought of as the subconscious, the layer between the consciousness and unconscious.  Theta holds a plethora of memories, sensations and emotions, though they may be inaccessible to the conscious mind, they can still affect and govern your attitudes beliefs and behaviors, such as an adult who cannot remember childhood abuse but re-traumatizes himself through abusive relationships as part of a subconscious drive to release this deeply held secret.  Theta brainwaves are a repository of repressed feelings/emotions and creativity/inspiration.  They are active during sleep and meditation and are particularly strong during extreme experiences, spiritual insight and states of high brain function.

Delta:  Having a premonition or knowing something is going to happen before it happens.  Feeling something that someone else is feeling.  Trying to reach out and contact someone mentally, or knowing when someone is going to contact you or say something before they do so.  Delta brainwaves are the unconscious mind.  Present during deep sleep, allowing for a restorative mental state.  Delta is the only thing left when all other brain activity ceases.  May be present in a waking state in combination with other waves.  Instinctive information or the sixth sense appears here. High amplitude delta causes empathy.  Oftentimes delta waves can be overwhelming in the feelings (or receptivity to feelings) that they cause, and the lack of boundaries between unconscious and conscious thought patterns.

No one brain wave can reach its full potential alone.  All brain waves require the others.

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